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At Home Chest & Abdominal Workouts

There are many reasons why working out at home is a more convenient choice than working out at a traditional gym. Sometimes time or budget constraints leave working out at home as your only option, and many people worry that they will not get as good of a workout at home. Though it is true that the community and support you obtain in a gym setting helps you obtain your goals, you can get great results while working out at home.

If you are looking to target your chest muscles while working out at home, there are many things you can do. In this article, we will aid you in learning how to get a bigger chest while doing a home workout as well as hot to get a six-pack while doing a workout at home. Though there are many factors that may impact your success, we are here to help.

Need more support while conducting your at-home workouts? Contact one of our expert personal trainers to get personalized support for your fitness goals.

Can I Get a Six Pack or Bigger Chest by Working Out at Home?

Do your fitness goals include achieving a larger chest or a six-pack? These are common goals that although achievable for some, can be quite challenging for others. Everyone has a “six-pack” even if you cannot always see it as a six-pack is simply your abdominal muscles. Though diet and exercise can aid you in having visible abdominal muscles, this is easier for some people than others due to body composition and genetic factors.

Like having visible abdominal muscles, having a bigger chest is also affected by genetics and your personal body composition. But just like with having a visible six-pack, there are things you can do to aid in obtaining a larger chest, though working out is not the only factor.

You probably can achieve your fitness goals of having a six-pack or a larger chest by working out at home. Just remember that in order to achieve these goals you will need to do more than just workout. Having a proper nutrition strategy and working towards a low level of body fat are needed to achieve these goals.


Before starting any at-home workout it is important to make safety your first priority. Always ensure that you have a spotter to assist you in lifting heavy weights at home. This is particularly important when using a barbell to work out your chest.

For more information on how to stay safe while working out see our Ultimate Guide to Injury Prevention. This guide can be applied to all of your at-home workouts and will help you to stay safe and achieve your goals without injury.

Suggested Equipment

Working out at home often means that you have less access to equipment. Though you don’t need to recreate the gym at home, there are a few key items that you may wish to have on hand to make achieving your goals easier.

If you can, consider adding free-weights, barbell with weights, chin-up bar, and a weight bench to your at-home gym. If you have budget or space restrictions, see our previous article How to Workout at Home Without Equipment. In it, we provide our best tips on making the most out of your at-home workouts even when you don’t have access to equipment.


Consider trying these workouts to target your chest and abdominal muscles. With a consistent exercise routine and proper nutrition, you should start making progress towards your goals. Understand that your goals will take time and simply implementing these tips will not guarantee immediate results.

Chest Workouts

Push-Ups – push-ups are a simple exercise that can help you strengthen your chest. Consider incorporating them into your regular chest workout routine.

Overhead dumbbell press – this simple and effective exercise can be done easily at home. While standing hold dumbbells with your elbows towards your sides and palms facing out. Press your biceps upwards then lower your elbows towards your sides once again.

Standing dumbbell upright row – while standing, hold dumbbells at your thighs with your palms facing towards your body. Then, lift the dumbbells towards your chin and lower them back down.

Chest press – this exercise can be done with dumbbells or a barbell. Lay on a workout bench holding your weight above your chest. Lower your weights towards your chest then repeat as desired.

Abdominal Workouts

At Home Abdominal Workouts

Plank – a simple plank from your forearms is a great way to strengthen abdominal muscles. Try to improve how long you can hold a plank for with proper forum.

Mountain Climber – from your hands and knees with arms in a push-up position, repeatedly bring your knees to your chest while alternating legs.

Leg Lifts – lay on your back with your arms to your sides or under your tailbone. Keeping your legs together, lift them towards the sky and lower them slowly.

Plank Hip Dips – move into a side plank position. Lift and lower your hips repeatedly while engaging your core muscles. This exercise may be challenging for beginners.

Get Help with Your Goals

Many of the exercises you do at a gym can be adapted to be done at home. At-home workouts are convenient as you can often squeeze them into your schedule without worry. They can also save you money too! If you have very specific fitness goals such as a larger chest or obtaining a six-pack, it may be a good idea to obtain help with achieving your goals.

Consider obtaining help from a qualified nutritionist to help you manage your dietary habits and caloric intake. Or hire a personal trainer to help you develop effective workout plans to maximize your workouts and improve your efficiency. If working out at home doesn’t seem to be working well for you, consider trying a group workout like a boxing class or other group workout where you can gain support.

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