How did Jaclyn lose 20 pounds in 4 months?

How did Jaclyn lose 20 pounds in 4 months? Countless people every day attempt the weight loss challenge and most people unfortunately either fail or fail to maintain their goal long term. Why is this?  Various reasons but I believe it all comes down to two things: commitment and adopting meaningful changes.  When you are […]


Grant’s MMA Gym’s Holiday Specials

Give a gift that can change a person’s life! Get My Holiday Bundle We have countless stories of how Grant’s MMA Gym and the great trainers and members have made a huge impact on helping people reach their goals and changing the way they feel about themselves and life! Be the one to initiate positive […]


The Mindset Of A Winner

  What does it take to have the mindset of a winner?   Well, first let’s determine what a winner actually is.   A winner is NOT someone who necessarily “wins” all the time.   However, a winner is most definitely someone who never gives up. Someone who doesn’t stop when things get hard.   […]


Why You Should Be Seasonal Detoxing

If you don’t have your health. You don’t have anything.   Stop waiting until you get sick to do something about it.   I don’t care how busy you are, convenience food is killing you. It’s killing your body, it’s robbing your soul of vitality, it’s aging you and making you sick.   “I don’t […]