Is Muay Thai Good for Weight Loss?

Is Muay Thai Good for Weight Loss? Have you recently started a weight loss program and are looking for a way to mix up your routine and boost your weight loss? While looking for different options you may have found yourself considering, is Muay Thai good for weight loss? Any type of physical activity will […]


Can Boxing Help You Lose Weight?

Can Boxing Help You Lose Weight? If you are trying to lose weight you many have found yourself searching for new and unique ways to keep your weight loss plan fresh and interesting. There are countless ways to lose weight but if you aren’t doing something you enjoy it can feel like working out is […]


The Mindset Of A Winner

  What does it take to have the mindset of a winner?   Well, first let’s determine what a winner actually is.   A winner is NOT someone who necessarily “wins” all the time.   However, a winner is most definitely someone who never gives up. Someone who doesn’t stop when things get hard.   […]


Why You Should Be Seasonal Detoxing

If you don’t have your health. You don’t have anything.   Stop waiting until you get sick to do something about it.   I don’t care how busy you are, convenience food is killing you. It’s killing your body, it’s robbing your soul of vitality, it’s aging you and making you sick.   “I don’t […]

Woman lacing running and sport shoes. Sporty footwear close up. Fitness motivation and healthy lifestyle concept.

How To Stick To Your Workouts

You want to workout, but it’s been months if not years since you started telling yourself this.   You wake up with the best intentions every day to go to the gym, go out for a walk or put that work out vid in, but every day when you go to bed, it’s the same […]


Stress, Sleep, Your Adrenal Glands And How They Are All Related

The “fight or flight” syndrome – you’ve heard of it, right? Accompanied with the image of the saber-toothed tiger dashing after a hunter, getting ready to attack. You often get into this situation, don’t you? In modern times, we’re not literally in that frantic position, but our bodies are often reacting as if we were […]