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Early Morning Fitness Class

Morning Boxing, Cardio & Fitness Classes In North York Toronto

Make your fitness and health a priority with early morning fitness classes at Grants MMA & Boxing Gym in North York (Toronto). These early morning boxing classes & cardio classes are perfect beginners with no prior boxing experience required. Our early morning cardio work out routines will have you feeling energized, ready to take on the rest of your day.

  • Highly accomplished boxing coaches
  • Develop your mind to body connection
  • An early morning working so you can enjoy the rest of your day full of energy
  • Top notch boxing gym and training facilities with showers
  • Safe, non-contact activity for all levels

At Grants MMA we want to ensure that you absolutely love our classes, coaches and facility. That is why we offer 3 free classes to all new members. That way you can be confident that our gym is right for you. Try our our early morning boxing & fitness classes and book your free class today.

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Morning Boxing Fitness Classes In North York Toronto
ryan grant boxing and mma coach toronto

The Instructor

Ryan Grant
Boxing Instructor
silver glove award winning coach gold glove award winning coach 20 plus years 
 boxing training experience
  • Accomplished national level boxer with various tournament titles
  • Over 20yrs of coaching experience developing fighters to a championship level
  • Has trained numerous UFC Fighters and Boxing Champions including Logan McGuinness, Steve Rolls, Sean Pierson and Mitch Gagnon
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Reasons I like to coach
Seeing the progression of every student in the gym and developing athletes.

Jaymyi Lesmond

boxing gym testimonials

I joined this gym in May 2013. I train about 3-4 days a week. Ever since then, I've had nothing but pleasant experiences. RG is the best boxing trainer and consistently pushes me to reach new limits. Dom's bjj program is always engaging. The people are amazing and always push each other to do more. Would recommend this gym to anyone beginner or advanced.

Brett Taggart

boxing gym testimonials

Great boxing/MMA gym. Not only do coaches go out of their way to deliver top notch instruction, fellow students and fighters reach out and help each other improve. No bullshit, people are there to put in work and improve. Welcoming environment committed to working harder and improvement.!

Elena Megas

boxing gym testimonials

The coaches at this gym are great motivators and very knowledgable in boxing and MMA. The atmosphere is great, the classes are catered to each one's level and the level of training is intense, yet not overwhelming. If you are looking to learn or improve in boxing/ MMA, get in shape, or to just let your demons out, this is the place to be!


Tuesday 7AM - 8AM
Thursday 7AM - 8AM
Friday 7AM - 8AM

Equipment Needed

  • Indoor Shoes
  • Gloves
  • Hand Wraps
  • Intermediate only: mouth guard, headgear

Equipment available for sale in our Pro Shop

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