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Are you a parent looking to help develop confidence in your daughter? If you child is needing help with gaining confidence in their physical abilities and is interested in learning self-defence techniques, then a girl’s self defence class at Grant’s MMA might be the right fit for you.

Grant’s MMA is a Toronto boxing and MMA gym that provides self-defence classes to girls aged 8-12 years old. Our classes are designed to empower young women and girls to be confident in their physical abilities and to feel safe in their personal space.

Girls self defence classes are a great way for girls to learn new skills and build confidence in a safe environment. In self-defence classes girls will learn techniques and strategies to help them keep safe and feel confident in their surroundings. Benefits of taking a girl’s self defence class include;

  • Confidence building strategies
  • Learning self-defence techniques
  • A safe space to ask questions
  • Learn about personal safety
  • Meet new friends
  • Promote physical activity

When are Classes Offered?

Our girls self defence classes are offered on Tuesday and Thursday at 4 PM. Participants will enjoy learning self defence skills in a safe, girl friendly environment. Our classes are a great place to make new friends, learn new skills, and develop confidence in personal safety abilities.

If our self defence class times don’t work for you, consider enrolling your daughter in one of our Kid’s MMA classes. Though these classes are not focused on self-defence and personal safety, your child will still develop confidence in their physical abilities and learn new skills.

All of our girls self-defence and kids MMA classes are fun and exciting. Your child will have fun while learning new and useful skills, all while also building their self confidence. Our classes are great for teaching self disciple too! Book a self class today!

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Self Defense Class For Girls
Anastasia Nikolakakos Girls Self Defense Trainer

The Instructor

Anastasia Nikolakakos
Girls Self Defense Instructor
2018 Canadian amateur champion 10+ years experience coaching
  • Canadian Amateur Champion MMA 2016
  • OFSAA 51 kg 2nd and 3rd place 2007 and 2008
  • Amateur Record: 8-0
  • Pro Record: 3-0
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Reasons I like to coach
All the experiences and feelings that I have felt throughout my journey as a martial artist are all the things I hope to experience with the many people I will have the privilege to coach.
Our girls self defence instructor, Anastasia Nikolakakos, has been involved with Martial Arts since the age of 5. She is an expert in self-defence and a great resource for young girls. She strives to pass on her passion for Martial Arts and self-defence to everyone she coaches. Anastasia is the perfect coach for girls self-defence classes and will allow your daughter to learn and grow in a safe and fun environment.

Jaymyi Lesmond

boxing gym testimonials

I joined this gym in May 2013. I train about 3-4 days a week. Ever since then, I've had nothing but pleasant experiences. RG is the best boxing trainer and consistently pushes me to reach new limits. Dom's bjj program is always engaging. The people are amazing and always push each other to do more. Would recommend this gym to anyone beginner or advanced.

Brett Taggart

boxing gym testimonials

Great boxing/MMA gym. Not only do coaches go out of their way to deliver top notch instruction, fellow students and fighters reach out and help each other improve. No bullshit, people are there to put in work and improve. Welcoming environment committed to working harder and improvement.!

Elena Megas

boxing gym testimonials

The coaches at this gym are great motivators and very knowledgable in boxing and MMA. The atmosphere is great, the classes are catered to each one's level and the level of training is intense, yet not overwhelming. If you are looking to learn or improve in boxing/ MMA, get in shape, or to just let your demons out, this is the place to be!


Tuesday 4PM - 5PM
Thursday 4PM - 5PM

Equipment Needed

  • None

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