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Kids Striking classes are a fun way to build confidence and promote a lifelong love for physical activity in children. By taking an MMA class, children learn valuable, confidence-boosting skills from a wide range of martial art disciplines. Through boxing and Muay Thai, your kids will keep active through fun and engaging classes. Having the right kids Striking coach can make all the difference in a child’s success.

At Grant MMA & Boxing Gym we are known for our team of expert coaches and have the kids MMA coach you have been looking for. We are committed to sharing our knowledge through fun and exciting classes that keep kids interested and ready to learn something new. As your kids MMA trainer, we will help them to build skills, strength and confidence.


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Grant MMA Kids Striking Coaches

Our Kids Striking Coach brings years of experience and a passion for teaching young athletes the fundamentals of striking. With a focus on safety, technique, and fun, our coach helps kids build confidence and skills in a supportive environment.

Nate Stark

Kids Striking Coach

Kids Striking Coaches Faqs

Kids MMA classes include access to our exciting classes and a wealth of knowledge that comes from our expert Kids MMA teachers. Classes are one hour long and are a great way for kids to burn off excess energy while learning new skills that they can build on as they grow.

Our kids’ MMA classes take place on Monday nights from 6-7 PM. Our once-a-week classes make it easy for kids to learn MMA without missing time from other extra-curricular activities that they enjoy.

Our kids’ MMA classes are a great way to boost kids’ confidence by making them feel capable and comfortable with physical activity. As they gain new skills and build on their experience, they can feel confident in their abilities and spark interest in martial arts that they may wish to continue with as they grow. Our kids’ MMA classes are suitable for children ages 5-11 and are a safe and fun environment for kids to learn in.

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