Are you a beginner looking to get started with training in MMA? If you have never attended an MMA or boxing gym before, the thought of jumping in can be intimidating. But, with the right MMA trainer and facility, you will have a seamless transition into training.

Why Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)?

Still on the fence about mixed martial arts? We fell that you shouldn’t be. Why? MMA is a great workout that is fun and has endless possibilities to be versatile. Unlike choosing a single discipline of martial arts such as Karate, Tae Kwon Do or BJJ, MMA gives you a little bit of everything and an opportunity to become a well-rounded athlete.

You might have concerns about MMA being too hard or even too dangerous. Though your MMA classes will be physically demanding and like with any contact sport, there is potential for injury, MMA classes are safe and fun. For more information on MMA safety see our previous article “Is MMA Too Dangerous“.


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Grants MMA and Boxing gym is fully equipped, making it one of the best MMA training gyms for athletes of any level. Whether you are a competitive fighter or just getting started, our MMA club is the place to be.

Our facility boasts an elite training experience with top-quality equipment. It is one of the largest facilities in Toronto with 5,000 square feet of functional space. Take your MMA lessons with us and you will gain access to our professional equipment including the 18×18 ft boxing ring.


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We have one of the best training facilities in Toronto, but what really makes us stand out as one of the best MMA gyms is our expert trainers. As an MMA gym, it is crucial that our trainers are experts in a variety of martial arts disciplines.

At Grants MMA & Boxing gym our trainers have over 15 years of coaching at an elite level. No matter what your training goals are, they have the experience to help you make it happen.


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Taking MMA classes at Grant’s MMA & Boxing gym means that you will have access to expert trainers and a professional facility. We structure our classes so that you can pick and choose which class you want to attend.

Learn more about our classes and find the right option for you to get started when you book your free class.

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If you have been wondering, what is the best MMA gym near me? We believe that Grant’s MMA and Boxing gym Toronto is the place to be. We have the best MMA classes Toronto has to offer, all while bringing you extensive knowledge and experience through our expert trainers.