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If you are looking to get fit or lose weight, there is no denying that what you eat plays a major role in your success. Many people struggling with knowing what to eat as well as having a plan to eat healthier foods that they have made. Making a meal plan is a great way to help you stay organized and focused on your goals as it takes away the guessing game when it comes to deciding what to eat. But how does a meal plan work? And how can you learn how to make a meal plan? Thankfully, the answer to these questions is not all that complicated.

How to Make a Meal Plan

In this article, we will give you some tips and tools to allow you to successfully meal plan to boost your result and achieve your fitness goals. Whether you are looking to learn how to build a meal plan for muscle gain or simply want to eliminate stress in choosing what to eat, a meal plan can help. Use our tips below and get started with meal planning today. These tips are suitable for busy athletes taking boxing classes and training as well as working families alike.

Take it Slow

If you’ve never meal planned before the idea of planning meals and snacks for your entire week can feel overwhelming. Instead of overhauling your current system start your meal planning by making simple changes. Consider planning one meal at a time such as lunches for your work week or your post-workout breakfast and gain some momentum with this shift. As you master your new strategy for one meal consider adding another. Change is not always easy, and it may be helpful to work on small goals over time rather than trying to reinvent yourself overnight.

Write it Out

Writing out your meal prep weeks makes you more likely to follow through with your goals and may also help you make a solid plan too. Consider writing down your weekly meal plan on paper rather than on your phone, or even worse, thinking you will remember without a set plan! By taking the time to write out your meal plan you will reflect on your plan and help to ensure that you have enough food and are setting realistic expectations about what you can and cannot do. Add in any meals out of the home that you may be having as part of your meal plan and keep track of your schedule.

Work Within Your Budget

When you start meal prepping it can be easy to think that you should only purchase the healthiest and best quality ingredients all the time. But this line of thinking may not always be sustainable long term. Always keep your budget in mind as your plan your meals and meal prep. Having a budget-friendly meal plan will help you make your meal planning habit sustainable and even enjoyable as it helps you lower your food costs and save time all while eating great food.

Use Recipes You Know and Love

You do not have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to meal planning. Consider starting your meal plan by using recipes you already love. This will make your preparation easier as you are familiar with the foods and how to cook them, while also ensuring you love what you are eating. Add in new recipes as you see fit but don’t make your life more complicated than it needs to be by trying out a full week’s worth of new recipes all in one go.

Consolidate Prep

Meal planning and meal prepping can be overwhelming. Consider taking a look at your meal prep and see where you can save time by prepping ingredients together or look at recipes that you can make ahead and freeze. You may be able to cook proteins ahead of time or roast multiple veggies for different meals all at once. Many people choose one day a week to plan and prep their meals ensuring that they are well prepared for their week.

Outsource When Needed

Sometimes meal prepping is not in the cards. When that is the case, your meal plan can allow for you to outsource some of the cooking or prepping to meal kit services or even by choosing premade meals from grocery stores and local restaurants. When you make a meal plan that aligns with your schedule you will be able to see when cooking for yourself or doing meal prepping is unrealistic and in turn, adjust your plan as needed.

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