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How to Workout at Home Without Equipment

If you’ve been looking to work out for health or weight-loss reasons you might have felt like the only way to do this is at a gym, with extensive equipment. Though there are many benefits to working out at a gym, none of the equipment at gyms is necessary for you to get a great workout.

In this article we will help you figure out how to workout at home without equipment or weights. With some basic tips and inspiration, you’re sure to find that working out at home is easier than you thought and cost-effective too!

How to Workout at Home

  1. Watch Videos

    One of the best resources available to those wishing to workout form home are videos. There is tons of content available that is both free and high-quality. From yoga to boxing there are videos online for any interest and any physical ability. If you’re just getting started consider searching for beginner workouts, or modify a workout that feels too challenging for you.

    At Grants MMA & Boxing Gym we’ve provided a variety of at-home boxing and MMA training videos. You can do these without equipment and are suitable for any ability level. So, if you’ve been wanting to try boxing or MMA, give our free at-home workout videos a try.

  2. Do Body Weight Workouts

    Being short on equipment such as dumbbells or benches doesn’t mean that you can’t workout. Instead, you can use your body as your “equipment”. There are so many highly effective body weight movements that can earn you a serious burn.

    Though many people enjoy using weights while squatting. Squatting or lunging with bodyweight is still highly effective. For a blast of cardio combine squatting with jumps, you’ll know that you’re working pretty quickly.

    Bodyweight workouts are also great for upper body and core strength too. Try doing burpees, push-ups, and planks to get a great workout without using any additional equipment.

  3. Use What You Have

    If there’s a particular movement or exercise that you want to do that needs some form of equipment, improvise. Be smart about what you’re using and don’t take risks with using an object or piece of furniture that could be unsafe.

    Consider using household items to replace smaller weights and use furniture such as a sturdy coffee table as a ‘bench”. You can even use your own stairs in a pinch for elevated push-ups.  There are so many ways that you can use things in your home already to aid in your workouts. Just keep in mind that safety must come first.

  4. Go Outside

    One of the easiest ways to workout without hitting the gym is by getting outside. There’s not need for a treadmill when you can go for a walk or run outside. Running and walking are great ways to get in a workout. Don’t discount that going for a walk is a great way to burn calories and stay active.

    If you’re lucky enough to live close to an outdoor track that can be a great option for interval training. But, if that’s not an option for you, consider using markers such as telephone poles to help you determine intervals. Though going outside might not count as “at home” it can be considered a close to home option to help you switch up your workouts.

  5. Don’t Dismiss Stretching

    If you’re working out at home it’s important to remember to not skip stretching. It can be very tempting to move on from your workout quickly when you have other things you need to get done, or children to care for in your home. But stretching is important and you should make sure to take time to stretch after completing any at-home workout.

    In our previous article “The Ultimate Guide To Injury Prevention for Boxing, MMA and Other Sports,” we outline exactly why it is important for you to make stretching a priority. Not only is flexibility good for your overall health, but stretching is can help to prevent workout-related injuries and keep you ready to workout each day.

Should I Consider Buying Equipment to Workout at Home?

Though it’s not necessary to purchase equipment to workout at home, you might find that you enjoy having a few key items to vary up your workout routine. Consider these items when making a list of what you might want to have for a home gym.

Yoga mat – they’re great for yoga, stretching and lower intensity body weight movements.

Dumbbells – you don’t need to have a large variety of dumbbells. Instead, consider choosing two weights that suit you well as a light and heavy option. Many find that having a set of 10lbs and 20lbs weights is a great start. If you’re accustomed to lifting heaver weights you should use your best judgment and purchase weights that will be versatile for you.

Resistance Bands – Resistance bands are generally low cost and offer you many options to expand your workout routine. Consider these if you are short on storage space but still want variety within your workouts.

Workout tracking watch – though this technically isn’t workout equipment, workout tracking watches such as a Fitbit or Apple Watch can be helpful in keeping you motivated and moving while at home. It’s easy to skip a workout when your couch is nearby, consider using these as a workout tool if you struggle with motivation.

Try Something New

Working out from home can be easier than going to a gym if you do it right. Make sure that you’ve given yourself the right amount of space in your home to complete your workout comfortably. Don’t forget that doing the same workout routine daily can get boring. So, try to switch it up by using workout videos or routines provided by fitness bloggers.

We think that our at home boxing training video is a great choice to help you mix up your home workout routine. Stay in touch with Grants MMA & Boxing gym for even more at home workout videos.

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