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How to Workout Your Calves at Home

If you have been finding yourself tight on time when it comes to fitting in a workout, you may be considering working out at home. With a little bit of know-how, working out at home can be a fantastic option for anyone who struggles to fit a workout into their day or would rather not go to a gym. But having this “know-how” can sometimes be tricky. Thankfully, there are many resources available to help you plan your workouts at home.

In our previous article, “How to Workout at Home to Gain Weight” we gave you our best tips on how to maximize your workouts and other things you can do in order to bulk up. While you are working towards your goals of bulking up, or other fitness-related goals don’t forget to work out your smaller, less thought of muscles. Your calves can easily be worked out from home with little to no equipment. See our tips below for getting a great calve workout when you can’t be at the gym.

How to Engage Your Calve Muscles

In order to get a great workout of any body part, it’s important to ensure that you are actively engaging your targeted muscle or muscle group during your workout. When it comes to calves, engaging your muscles is typically straightforward. Try standing on the tips of your toes, you should feel your calves engage. Remember this feeling as you complete a calve workout at home.

Our Favourite at Home Calve Workouts

Workout out your calves at home is thankfully fairly easy to do. You will not need much equipment or space to get an effective calve workout at home. Incorporate these exercises into your at-home fitness routine to help build strength and stability in your calve muscles. For more information on how to build an at-home fitness plan that works for you see our previous post, “How to Make a Home Workout Plan.”

Lifted calf raises – completed calf raises is as simple as lifting up onto the balls of your feet. Doing this alone will activate your calf muscles. To get an even better workout consider doing this raises on an elevated platform such as a box or stepping stool. This will make the exercise more difficult.

Weighted calf raises – this can be done both on an elevated platform or on the ground. Complete a simple calf raise but add more difficulty by holding free weights in either hand.

Skipping  – skipping makes for a great cardio workout while having the added benefit of also being a great calve workout. Consider adding jumping rope to your warmup or include it in your cardio routine. Jumping rope is a frequently overlooked exercise that has many benefits from cardio to core and calves.

Calf holds – Similar to a calf raise, calf holds require you to move from flat on your feel to the balls of your toes. Instead of repeatedly lifting yourself up and down, lift and hold this position. With your calf muscles engaged you will soon start to feel muscle fatigue from holding this position.

Speed ladder – this exercise can be done in varying ways and is always a great calf workout. From your toes consider jumping two feet into the ladder then two feet out of the ladder as you progress forward. If you don’t have a speed ladder, don’t worry. You can complete this exercise simply by going through the motions while visualizing a ladder or you could even use tape to make a DIY temporary ladder at home.

Get Help With Your Routine

When you have specific fitness goals that you want to achieve while working out from home, it may be beneficial to get outside help. There are endless online resources available to help you with your at-home workouts but the assistance of a qualified personal trainer can help take your fitness goals to the next level and boost your success.

At Grants MMA & Boxing Gym we are proud to have many expert personal trainers on staff. Consider reaching out to us regarding your specific fitness goals and let us help you create the ideal home workout plan to maximize your efforts.

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