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Working out at home is a great way to fit a workout into your busy schedule. But, without planning you might find yourself in a rut of completing the same exercises over and over again. Often, those who work out from home want to target specific muscles or areas of the body but are not entirely sure how to do it. One of these common target areas are shoulders.

In this article, we will share our favourite shoulder workouts that can be done at home with little equipment. Consider adding these exercises to your regular workout plan. If you haven’t already created a plan for working out at home see our previous article “How to Make a Home Workout Plan” for our best tips on making the most out of your home workouts.

If you are feeling stuck or worried that your form isn’t quite right, consider reaching out to one of our expert personal trainers. They can help you learn the basics to set you up with a strong foundation for working out on your own, at home.

Our Favourite Shoulder Workouts

Lateral raise – this simple exercise can be performed with lighter weights. From a standing position, extend your arms to the sides and lift upwards. As you complete this exercise your arms should become parallel with the floor.

Reverse fly – a reverse fly can be completed from a standing or seated position. Start with your arms in front of you and press outwards extending your chest to work your back and shoulder muscles. This exercise is generally completed with lighter weights

Upright row – an upright row can be completed with free weights or weights on a bar. In a standing position row, your arms upwards pulling the weights towards your chest. Using too high of a weight can cause you to have form issues with this exercise.

Front raise – front raises are very similar to lateral raises and should be performed with lighter weights. For this exercise, you will perform the same movement as a lateral raise, but your arms will extend in front of you instead of to the side.

Single-arm press – a single-arm press can be completed from a standing position. Use one arm to press upwards with a free weight. Press straight upwards and not out to the side.  Always ensure that you are using an appropriate weight to avoid injury.

Focus on Form

Proper form is important for not only results, but injury prevention too. If something doesn’t feel right, it likely is not being done correctly. Always take time to assess your form and do not rush through exercises. All of our favourite shoulder exercises are simple, but without proper form, they will be either ineffective or potentially cause an injury.

For more tips on how you can prevent injuries while working out at home, see our Ultimate Guide to Injury Prevention

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