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If you are looking for a new workout option you may have wondered, is boxing good exercise? Many people enjoy boxing for both its recreational and competitive components, and it is a fantastic exercise. Boxing, like many martial arts, uses the entire body. It is so much more than simply throwing punches.

Whether you are looking to pursue boxing as a new recreational activity, for weight loss, or even to compete in, you can be assured boxing will be great exercise. But what makes boxing stand out as being good exercise? In this blog post we will identify why boxing is great exercise and who boxing is good for.

What Makes Boxing Good Exercise?

When working out we often find that we focus on activities that target one area of the body more than others. Running for example is highly cardio centered while weightlifting focuses more on strength. What makes boxing stand out as a great workout is that it uses the entire body.

Both in training and in competition boxing requires the participation to use all of the major muscle groups in their body. This in turn helps to burn calories and build strength at the same time. Many people start boxing in order to get fit and wonder, can boxing help you lose weight? With a typical workout allowing you to burn between 350-500 calories, you can be sure that boxing can be a great way to lose weight.

Another reasons why boxing is a great workout is that it is fun! Unlike other fitness activities that can become monotonous, boxing can continually be changed up to keep it interesting. Though some boxing drills will be done time and time again, the workouts presented by expert boxing instructors will often be varied to both keep it interesting and to test your abilities.

Is Boxing a Good Workout for Women?

Sometimes new gym members come to our gym wondering, is boxing a good workout for women? The answer to this question is a definitive yes! Boxing allows for women to get a great workout in addition to many other benefits. Though these points apply to everyone women can also benefit from boxing by;

  • Learning self defence techniques
  • Build self-confidence
  • Gain strength and endurance
  • Improve cardio
  • Have fun and be social

Who is Boxing Good For?

Boxing is good for more than just women. Evole offers some great points as to why you may wish to give it a try. If you are considering starting boxing but aren’t sure if it would be a good fit consider that boxing is great for the following types of people;

  • Beginners – absolute beginners are the perfect type of person to start boxing. Whether you are a young child or an adult looking to try something new, you are sure to have fun and learn something new with boxing. Not only will you get a great workout, you will learn useful skills and have fun trying something new.
  • Martial Arts Enthusiast – if you have participated in a martial art such as Taekwondo, Muay Thai or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu you are very likely to enjoy boxing too. By using the skills you have acquired from other martial arts you will likely be able to pick up boxing quite quickly. Martial arts enthusiasts love to gain more knowledge and improve on their skills. If you have previous martial art experience and are interested in MMA trying boxing is a great idea for you.
  • Social Butterflies – boxing will likely be a great fit for you if you enjoy working out with other people. Most boxing classes are group classes where you will constantly be interacting with other people. If you need an extra push to get out of the house and be social boxing is a great choice for you.

Is Boxing Cardio or Strength Training?

Sometimes beginners in boxing wonder, is boxing cardio or strength training and is boxing good cardio? After one boxing class you are sure to be able to confirm that boxing is a great cardio workout. You are nearly guaranteed to break a sweat and be exhausted after your class. But boxing is so much more than just cardio.

Due to the nature of boxing you use every muscle group while working out. This in turn helps you to build strength while also increasing your cardiovascular endurance. Though boxing is not the same as weightlifting you will gain lean muscle through boxing. Boxing cannot be classified into either cardio or strength training as it is a comprehensive workout that does it all.


Where Can I Try Boxing?

If you’ve ever been curious about trying boxing and aren’t sure where to start consider reaching out to an expert boxing coach at Grants MMA. Additionally you can check out our blog post “How Can I Start Boxing?” to help you get off to a great start. We are the boxing gym Toronto residents have come to trust. With over 25 years of experience we have the knowledge to help you learn how to box and achieve your weight loss or competitive boxing goals. Book a free class today!

Throughout his professional career, Ryan experienced detrimental injuries that unfortunately took him away from competing in the ring. But he refused to allow his injuries take him away from the sport he loves and began focusing his energy towards coaching. Today, Ryan has over 20 years of coaching experience and has had the honour of training hundreds of amateur and professional athletes. He lives to inspire others towards working hard, learning new skills and getting in shape. His gym promotes a family atmosphere and everyone that enters the facility instantly feels a sense of community.

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