Full Day MMA Summer Camp (Muay Thai/Brazillian Jui Jitsu)

Tired of the same old summer camp and day camp? Grant’s MMA Summer Camp For Kids is a full day camp incorporating the teaching and techniques of MMA like Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu with fun camp activities. Enroll you children in a day camp that they will not only enjoy, but will learn new skills at the same time.

Our day camps for kids offer fun activities ranging from unique MMA related experiences such as wrestling, muay thai and boxing. To your typical summer camp activities your kids know and love, like arts & crafts, soccer and trips to the park. Give your kids something to do this summer that is different, unique and will help them develop. Enroll your children today online or give us a call.

Summer Camp Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9-10am Stretch, Ice Breaker, Arts & Crafts, Break Snack Stretch, Ice Breaker, Soccer, Break Snack Stretch, Ice Breaker, Circuit Training, Break Snack Stretch, Ice Breaker, Track & Field, Break Snack Stretch, Ice Breaker, Fun Friday, Break Snack
10-11am Mystery Monday Training Wrestling Baseball Muay Thai Boxing
11-12pm Muay Thai Obstacle Course Grappling Obstacle Course Pad Smash
12-1pm Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
1-2pm Water Fight/Break Snack Activity Outing/Break Snack Race Day/Break Snack Movie Day Wheel Barrel Race/Break Snack
2-3pm Park Walk/Scavenger Hunt Arts & Crafts Park Walk Movie Day Park Walk

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