Home Workouts to Build Muscle: 15 Amazing Workouts

Home Workouts to Build Muscle

In today’s world, it seems like more and more people are working out at home to save time or avoid the crowds of busy gyms. Home workouts to build muscle can be great if you choose the right exercises and push yourself appropriately.  What works best? Is it the weight of the dumbbells you lift […]

Does Stretching Improve Circulation?

You’ve likely heard that stretching is good for your body. We’ve even talked about how stretching can be used to prevent injury in our Guide to Injury Prevention for Boxing, MMA and Other Sports. But we often hear our clients ask, are health benefits associated with stretching? Or, does stretching improve circulation? At Grant’s MMA […]

When Do You Stretch? Our Guide on Knowing When It’s Time to Stretch.

Stretching is an important component of any workout routine but often doesn’t get the attention it deserves. We get it, stretching can sometimes feel less than exciting when you’d rather be doing high-intensity workouts, running or simply getting on with your day. But stretching deserves to be part of your everyday routine and most importantly, […]

Does stretching help muscle recovery?

Does stretching help muscle recovery

Love it or hate it, stretching is something that everyone should be doing. From dynamic stretches done during a warm-up, to deep stretching during your cool-down, stretching comes in many forms and there are endless possibilities to choose from when looking to add stretching to your routine. But why do you need to stretch and […]

How to Stretch Your Hamstrings

When your hamstrings are tight you can really feel it. This large muscle group is what keeps you moving day-to-day allowing you to walk, run and jump your way through life. If your hamstring muscles are tight, you will want to ensure you are doing effective stretching to help loosen up those muscles so you […]

How to Stretch Your Back

How to Stretch Your Back

Your back is made up of muscles that help keep your upright and strong as you move throughout your day. Though it is not always easy to target the muscles in your back, it is important to get in touch with your mind-to-muscle connection to effectively target and stretch these muscles. Back pain is common […]

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