About Victor Dei

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Victor Dei

Boxing Coach



20+ Years of Coaching in Boxing


Training Experience

10 Years of Training in Boxing


Reasons I love to coach

“I have a lot of years playing and coaching different sports.  I love working with people and seeing their growth.

If there’s one thing I have realized, people have a desire to achieve more.  The question is do they have the will?

There’s a joy in seeing people push themselves and see what they can do when they really challenge themselves.  Once they realize they have the ability within, there is nothing that can stop them.

Aside from that, I just love Boxing.  The sheer challenge of one-on-one competition.  It tests everything in you; how strong you are mentally, how strong you are emotionally and how far you are going to push when it really gets tough.  Because I can assure you that life at one point or another will get tough.”