About Zachary Cushing

Zachary Cushing Boxing Instructor Toronto


Zachary Cushing

Boxing Instructor


“In combat, and in life, executing pre-planned moves is not enough. When dealing with other free-thinking human beings you need creativity.” – Jocko Willink



4 years of coaching experience


Training Experience

10 years in Boxing, 2 years in  Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Wrestling


Reasons I like to coach

“Having such a wide range of knowledge when it comes to boxing I felt the need to pass the knowledge onto up and coming fighters, as well as new comers to the sport. Seeing others acquire and utilize techniques and modalities passed onto them by myself is extremely satisfying, and helping others get better always makes me a better boxer and better coach. Teaching others forces one to thoroughly examine every little piece of material being taught, and in this there is great knowledge to be gathered by all, including the teacher. Knowledge is power, and spreading knowledge makes us all more powerful.”



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