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If you are starting a new fitness plan and are hoping to lose weight you might be wondering, what at home workout burns the most calories? There are many exercises that you can do at home that will help you to burn lots of calories and you have more options than simply running on a treadmill for hours on end. When it comes to any workout plan it is important that you give yourself variety in order to avoid hitting plateaus or becoming bored of your workouts.


In this article, we will outline some of the best ways to burn calories with at-home workouts. Always remember that when you are starting a new at-home workout plan it is important to always use proper form and make injury prevention your focus. Try not to work too hard too soon, as tempting as it may be, this can lead you to either burn out and lose your motivation or simply become injured and be forced to take a break. Start slow and work your way up to longer workouts or higher levels of intensity. Your body will thank you and your results will be more sustainable.

If you are looking for support in reaching your fitness or weight loss goals obtaining the help of a personal trainer can be a game-changer. Consider reaching out to one of the expert personal trainers at Grants MMA & Boxing Gym. Our trainers are ready to assist you in safely and sustainably reaching your fitness and weight loss goals. Ether through one-on-one training or as part of one of our MMA and boxing classes, our trainers are here to help.

Calorie Torching at Home Workout Options

The following at-home exercises that help you burn lots of calories were chosen as they help you to burn calories without needing much equipment. Choose to focus on one type of exercise or mix it up and do a little bit of everything. Any of these workout options will help you to get your heart rate up and burn lots of calories, even in short time periods.

Running – running is a great way to burn calories. Often a love it or hate it activity, running can be incorporated as part of your at-home workout routine during your warm-ups or can be a stand-alone workout. Consider trying out running and see how working towards longer distances makes you feel, you might just find you love it.

Cycling – cycling, whether done outside or on a stationary bike in your home can be a great calorie-burning exercise. Many people enjoy cycling and find it to be their perfect exercise when it comes to burning lots of calories while also doing something they love. Consider trying out an online cycling class or take time outside. High-intensity cycling burns lots of calories and can be enjoyable too.

Dancing – dancing may be an overlooked option when it comes to getting a great workout, but dancing is a great way to have fun while burning lots of calories. If you enjoy dancing, consider taking an online class at home or look up videos to follow along with at home. Dancing is a great way to burn calories and use muscles all over your body. Give it a try, you might find that dancing is a great way to keep yourself interested in working out while also allowing you to have a creative outlet.

Strength Training – when you think of exercises that help you burn calories you might only be considering typical cardio exercises. Though cardio exercises will help you burn calories, you can also get an amazing calorie-burning workout by completing dynamic strength training exercises. Strength training exercises that get your heart rate up, such as squats and other bodyweight or weighted exercises can help you burn serious calories. Consider placing a focus on strength training to help you build strength and endurance in your workouts. Though strength training may not always allow you to achieve a high level of sweat and cardiovascular fatigue, it will help you to burn calories and in turn, assist you in losing weight.

For additional tips on how to make the most out of your at-home workouts see our previous article, “How to Lose Body Fat with At-Home Workouts.”

Focus on Nutrition

An often-overlooked piece of the puzzle when it comes to losing weight and achieving your fitness goals is the focus on nutrition. Nutrition goes beyond the concept of “calories in, calories out.” Your focus on nutrition should ensure that you are adequately fuelling your body to perform during your workout and also to help you recover.

focus on nutrition

Though you may think you need to be overly restrictive with your diet and calorie intake in order to lose weight, you should really work on balancing your calorie intake with your nutritional needs. Always fuel your body after your workouts and consider eating before workouts too. If you need assistance with your diet and nutritional needs it may be a good idea to enlist the support of a nutritionist.

Keep Injury Prevention In Mind

When you are working out at home there usually is not anyone around to watch out for you and ensure you are performing exercises safely. Form is important for any type of exercise. From running to strength training, doing exercises the right way matters. Always focus on form to ensure that you not only prevent injuries but also get the most out of your workouts too.

Remember to take it slow and build up to more challenging workouts. There is no need to rush into working out. Stay safe and injury-free to help you succeed at your fitness and weight loss goals for the long term. For more tips on how you can stay safe and make injury prevention a priority, see our previous article “The Ultimate Guide to Injury Prevention for Boxing, MMA and Other Sports.” 

Throughout his professional career, Ryan experienced detrimental injuries that unfortunately took him away from competing in the ring. But he refused to allow his injuries take him away from the sport he loves and began focusing his energy towards coaching. Today, Ryan has over 20 years of coaching experience and has had the honour of training hundreds of amateur and professional athletes. He lives to inspire others towards working hard, learning new skills and getting in shape. His gym promotes a family atmosphere and everyone that enters the facility instantly feels a sense of community.

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